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Tournament #3
5v5 Single Elimination ! Compete and win RP points!
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N2P and MyMumble Partner up
MyMumble and Nothing2Prove Gaming have come to an agreement on a partnership. Use coupon code "N2P" for 10% off..
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n2p.LoL 3rd in Go4LoL #130
Today, our League of Legends team played in the tournament, losing to ZeBopSquad in the Semi Finals, dropping them down to play and defeat Exposure Gaming Overreaction for 3rd Place
N2P.CSGO 1 win, 1 lost
By TaZe // Jul 29th 2014 8:20pm PDT
Tonight our CSGO team had 2 matches. One was on ESEA vs Team Turmoil which is ranked #8 in ESEA-Open. N2P won 8-7 at a very close half while the 2nd half rolled down to n2p's last gun round to seal the last 3 rou ...
N2P.CSGO beats Oben 16-3
By TaZe // Jul 22nd 2014 8:21pm PDT
N2P started off slow by losing the first 3 rounds. after the 1st gun round N2P won 12 straight to go into halftime at 12-3. 2nd half started and it was over after the 4th round won by N2P leaving N2P:CSGO 2-0 in ...
cgo Swarm 16 - 11 W
cgo DICKSQUAD 11 - 16 L
cgo Team Turmoil CSGO 16 - 13 W
tf2 The Fantazzmagazzlers 5 - 0 W
cgo HRG 14 - 16 L
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